Full Moon Fest

Full Moon Fest
Wang Chia-ming
2004/9 National Theatre Plaza, Taipei Independent Production celebrating Chinese Moon Festival

This is a performance that combines different visual arts like acrobats, clowns, techno music, and street dance. In a surreal way, the show starts with an explosive of wolf howling with additions of traditional acrobats to remind citizens of Taipei of their inner sinister (moon) side that are suppressed by rationality (sun) during daytime. It is a show that invites the viewers to reexamine the fun in life and creates an outdoor performance that is suited for all ages.

The story is based on a couple who are in great pressure due to life and are about to snap. One day, on a full moon, a group of self-acclaimed researchers kidnap the couple in the name of science. On a close examination with high-technology medical equipments, it is determined that Taipei is so sick without a cure; to stop the spread of the disease, they have decided to destroy Taipei…