Sisters Trio

Sisters Trio
Hsu Yen-ling
2006/5 Crown Arts Center, Taipei The 12th Crown Arts Festival

A group of women, with bare hands,
Drill fire on their hearts,
There has never been staring that burns her shaky face,
Her desire is too strong
Her wishes are easily ignore,
Her sexy beard pouring out words endlessly,
The shaking snake’s shadow swings, about to explode at any time,
She says, please enjoy my body, I speak, I am romantic,
Then I will pack you up and fit you in.

Sisters Trio, a play that is based on contemporary lesbian life, uses Miss Beard and Bai Zuzhen from Legend of the White Snake as metaphors to illustrate dangerous and sexy feminine aromas and at the same time ridicule social oppression on homosexuality. Sisters Trio invites Chien-Chi Chen for music composition and Chin-Ju Wei for graceful choreography; stage design by Hsi-Hsia Yang and costume design by Tzu-Yi Wu who performs magic with fabrics to represent the strong and gentle affections that sisters emanate visually. This is an exciting game, a flamboyant parade that announces revolution, waiting for you to join and resonate with us in the theatre.