A Date

A Date
Hsu Yen-ling
2007/5 The Eslite Vision, Taipei

With consistent delightful and abundant emotions, Yen-Ling Hsu invites writers to illustrate life fragments of a lesbian with modern language through A Date which penetrates personal space to more closely show the essence of love or the recognition of love. 9 pieces that each describes the mood and condition of women at different ages in facing love; a high school girl who’s just started to experience the ambiguous love; the contradicting relationship of two lesbians who are friends and rivals at the same time in; a 30-year old mature woman who wanders in a love triangle; an actress who is practicing how to come out of the closet for an audition; the reassurance of self-esteem of 3 middle-age women in facing their daughters; the affection in facing a girl who assembles a lot like the twin sister of an ex-girlfriend; the embarrassment of two ex-girlfriends in facing in the lost of their lover…

16 actresses, 1 stage, various weights of live; would you like to go on a date?