Tsen, 。

Tsen, 。
Wang Chia-ming
2007/10 National Experimental Theatre, Taipei National Experimental Theatre New Idea Theater Festival
「Special Jury’s Award」The 6th Taishin Arts Awards and Performing Art Yearly Top 10

This is a piece discusses the love condition of human being. The name of the play originates from Aristophanes’ comic script in Plato’s The Symposium. It is, he says, because in primal times people were globular spheres who wheeled around like clowns doing cartwheels (190a). There were three sexes: the all male, the all female, and the "androgynous," who was half man, half woman. The creatures tried to scale the heights of heaven and planned to set upon the gods (190b-c). Zeus decided to cripple them by chopping them in half and turned half their faces around and pulled the skin tight and stitched it up to form the belly button. Ever since that time, people run around saying they are looking for their other half because they are really trying to recover their primal nature. This is where the play extends from and introduces the love chapter in Tsen, 。

The play is divided into five chapters: “Prologue of Encounter,” “Fugue of Vulgarness,” “The Ocean of Lust,” “Grown-up Fairytale,” “All About Love.” The chapters are introduced with music, not in a musical performance or fragmentary music pieces, but to try to merge different formats and contents of life experiences to form an unique sense of musical notes and space in a theatre.