Listen to Me, Please~ (Deluxe extended version)

Listen to Me, Please~ (Deluxe extended version)
Wang Chia-ming
2008/11 Crown Arts Center, Taipei
7th Taishin Arts Awards- Performing Art Yearly Top 10

“Listen to Me, Please~ (Deluxe extended version) is a tragedy built with langue, a story describes a love triangle in between two men and one women. The story entails affair, jealousy, sex, and memories, just like popular idol dramas. The lines are adapted from daily conversations and transformed into rhythmic, poetic, argumentative or artistic words to trifle with language. Beneath the seemingly romantic aroma, this is a comedy that actually ridicules the false atmosphere that love creates.

This is a comedy filled with langue performed by two actors and one actress; it includes vulgar elements like heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, cheating, jealousy, sex, and memory. Through the mimetic psychological realism, performers state their “real” feelings to one another as well as to the audience by means of language. Therefore, language contradicts language, questioning the reality of self and feelings constructed by language. Also, the anti-soap opera based on the form of soap opera lead the audience to reconsider the relationship among language, love and self. The tempo of verses vibrates with the performance, all together with the crystal lantern on the stage to establish the theatrical aesthetics of splendor and nihilism.