Once, upon Hearing the Skin Tone

Once, upon Hearing the Skin Tone
Wang Chia-ming
2009/4 Eslite Exhibition/Performance Hall, Taipei 2009 Eslite Spring Stage
8th Taishi Arts Awards-Performing Arts First Awards

This is a detective story of 12 actors, love, and imaginary murders. Suspense is not the focus; the story develops from ordinary life and slowly reveals the hidden connections behind. A map drawn by the complicated mentality, relationship, and infinite desire of the 12 actors. In the end, the flock of crime accomplices does not get punished by the law and goes back to their normal life to start another cycle of romantic relationships and murders of the imaginary life of violence.

“Skin,” the term comes from Director Wang’s interpretation of the shallowness of love. In love, Wang discovers the shallow element and further discusses the conflicts caused by negative emotions and strong desire. The jealousy and envy between lovers are used as detective elements combined with abnormal behavior that eventually lead to murder, to compose a music theater mixed with love and murder.