Mansion de Wangs

Mansion de Wangs
Wang Chia-ming
2009/12 Solopasta Taipei

Mainson de Wangs is a creation of two master Wangs in the field of theatre performance: Wang Yu-Hui and Wang Chia-ming. These two experienced and talented directors are both food lovers who are also famous for the love of cooking. With similar backgrounds and habits, the two Wangs decided to bring a new wave to theatre performance through the combination of live cooking show and the sharing of theatre performance experiences.

This performance is based on two Wangs as directors/chefs with two sous chefs, one Wang focuses on Chinese cuisine, another on Italian cuisine. Simultaneously, a host is in charge of controlling the tempo of the show, and two camera men are responsible for projecting live feed in the kitchen. Besides watching the show and the projected image, the performance is also supplemented with images of other theatre pieces to construct the atmosphere of a recording studio to make the audience feel they are part of the performance while enjoying the delicacy. This is a performance that interacts with the audience like a seminar, and also like a cooking class.